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Hormone Replacement Therapy Specialist

Javaria Jabeen, D.O. -  - Primary Care

YZ Healthcare

Javaria Jabeen, D.O.

Primary Care & Aesthetics Med Spa located in Flower Mound, TX

One of the most popular treatments offered at YZ Healthcare; Javaria Jabeen D.O. is hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for men and women. Getting started on a customized HRT plan can help resolve sexual dysfunction, minimize hot flashes, improve your sleep, and more!

Hormone Replacement Therapy


Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the use of synthetic or natural female hormones to make up for the decline or lack of natural hormones produced in a woman's body. HRT is sometimes referred to as estrogen replacement therapy (ERT), because the first medications that were used in the 1960s for female hormone replacement were estrogen compounds.


In order to understand how HRT works and the controversies surrounding it, women should know that there are different types of estrogen medications commonly prescribed in the United States and Europe. These drugs are given in a variety of prescription strengths and methods of administration. There are at present three estrogen compounds used in Western countries. Only the first two are readily available in the United States.


Estrone is the form of estrogen present in women after menopause. It is available as tablets under the brand name Ogen. The most commonly prescribed estrogen in the United States, Premarin, is a so-called conjugated estrogen that is a mixture of estrone and other estrogens.


This is the form of estrogen naturally present in perimenopausal women. It is available as tablets (Estrace), skin patches (Estraderm), or vaginal creams (Estrace).


Estriol is a weaker form of estrogen produced by the breakdown of other forms of estrogen in the body. This is the form of estrogen most commonly given in Europe, under the brand name Estriol. It is the only form that is thought not to cause cancer.

In addition to pills taken by mouth, skin patches, and vaginal creams, estrogen preparations can be given by injection or by pellets implanted under the skin. Estrogen implants, however, are used less and less frequently.


Most HRT programs include progestin treatment with estrogen compounds. Progestins—sometimes called progestogens—are synthetic forms of progesterone that are given to reduce the possibility that estrogen by itself will cause cancer of the uterus. Progestins are commonly prescribed under the brand names Provera and Depo-Provera. Other common brand names are Norlutate, Norlutin, and Aygestin.

Estrogen/testosterone combinations

Women's ovaries secrete small amounts of a male sex hormone (testosterone) throughout their lives. Women who have had both ovaries removed by surgery are sometimes given testosterone along with estrogen as part of HRT. Combinations of these hormones are available as tablets under the brand name Estratest or as vaginal creams. Women who cannot take estrogens can use 1% testosterone cream alone for problems with vaginal soreness.


Hormone replacement therapy has been prescribed for two primary purposes: preventive treatment against osteoporosis and heart disease; and relief of physical symptoms associated with menopause.


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