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Hair Loss Therapy Specialist

Javaria Jabeen, D.O. -  - Primary Care

YZ Healthcare

Javaria Jabeen, D.O.

Primary Care & Aesthetics Med Spa located in Flower Mound, TX

Hair loss can be distressing, but platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy can help. The exceptional team at YZ Healthcare; Javaria Jabeen D.O. uses PRP for hair loss therapy at their clinic in Flower Mound, Texas. To learn how PRP can help your hair regrow naturally, call or book an appointment online today.

Hair Loss Therapy Q & A

What is hair loss?

Hair loss, or alopecia, is a common condition that causes your hair to fall out. People go bald for many reasons. Your hair may fall out due to a medical condition or treatment, such as chemotherapy. More often, hair loss is a result of the genes you inherit from your parents.

If you’ve tried at-home treatments to prevent or reduce hair loss and aren’t seeing the results you hoped for, the team at YZ Healthcare; Javaria Jabeen D.O. can help. They use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to treat hair loss without harsh chemicals.


What is PRP?

PRP is your blood that gets processed to increase the concentration of platelets. You may know of platelets due to their role in forming blood clots. These naturally occurring substances in your blood also contain hundreds of growth factors, which are specialized proteins that help with tissue healing and regeneration.

Orthopedic surgeons have been using PRP for decades to treat soft tissue injuries like tendinitis. Now, the same substance is a popular treatment for common aesthetic concerns, such as hair loss and signs of aging.


How does PRP treat hair loss?

PRP promotes healing by increasing blood supply to the area and stimulating the generation of healthy new cells. When applied to your scalp, PRP injections flood your hair follicles with growth factors that strengthen and thicken the hair shaft.


What should I expect from PRP therapy for hair loss?

First, your YZ Healthcare; Javaria Jabeen D.O. provider reviews your medical history and performs a physical exam to make sure PRP therapy is right for you. They listen as you discuss your specific concerns and desired outcome. Then, the team at YZ Healthcare; Javaria Jabeen D.O. creates a PRP treatment plan for hair loss that best suits your needs. 

Before treatment, your provider draws a small amount of blood and processes it to obtain PRP. Then, they inject the PRP into the areas of your scalp that need a boost in hair growth. They may apply a topical numbing cream to the treatment area first to minimize discomfort. 

Every person is different, but most need at least three PRP treatments to achieve desired results.

To find out if PRP therapy for hair loss is right for you, call YZ Healthcare; Javaria Jabeen D.O., or book an appointment online today. 


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